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It was a tense moment on "Bible Millionaire."

Having answered all previous questions correctly you are now on the final question. If successfully answered you will be the next millionaire.

The host looks at you smugly across the console as dramatic music and imposing lights set to distract you.

"How did the Philippian Church provide for the work of the ministry so all needs were met?"

A. They received an unexpected check in the mail.

B. A generous benefactor covered the costs.

C. The faithful consistent giving of the people.

D. They set up a GoFundMe campaign with a catchy title.

We have a wonderful church home, located in the heart of the Melrose District. Our visibility has increased and there are greater opportunities for outreach and discipleship programs.

Already on the church calendar are Bible studies, Prayer Walks, Fellowship and Feast Events, prophetic arts workshops, and more. Manifest Presence: Fire and Cloud will be held at our own location from now on instead of renting another venue. What a blessing!

I know that many sense the same excitement about all the possibilities as I do.

Along with the increased potential comes a responsibility and a cost. The rent is now greater than it was at our previous location (but we have more space and much better access) and we now have utilities to pay as well as other maintenance costs.

We are seeking to spread a wider net in the neighborhood through advertising, booths at Rainbows Festival, Pride and the Melrose Fair, signage (including a large lighted sign on one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city), and a myriad of other ideas.

In short, our expenses have increased.

But this is not about money and expenses.

  • It's about people. More specifically,

  • It's about our people who need to hear about the extravagant love of God.

  • It's about LGBTQ+ people in Phoenix who have been hurt because of the bad press God has been given through bigotry, ignorance, and fear.

  • It's about sick, dying, depressed, lonely, hurting people who need the God-kind-of-miracles. Now.

  • It's about a generation, rejected, scorned, and scarred who need a Redeemer.

  • It's about the name of Jesus being proclaimed and a new multitude who declare Him as Lord.

  • It’s about women and non-binary folks finding a church they can call home, where they can build thriving ministries.

I invite you to join your faith to mine and George's in this vision. I humbly ask you to consider ways you can give of your time, talents, effort, and finances. Our household recently received a pay raise. We increased our giving and are sowing into the work that God has commissioned us to do at Pink Church PHX. We have planned further increases as our tax return arrives and expected promotion and pay increases come in.

If you were the contestant on "Bible Millionaire", what would you choose as your answer? Is that your final answer?

Lock it in.

When writing to the Philippians, Paul thanked the church for their gracious  provision for the ministry. He knew they didn't have a great deal themselves but that they wanted to partner with him in the work of the gospel.

Your financial contributions to Pink Church PHX are "a sweet sacrifice, perfumed with the fragrance of your faithfulness which is pleasing to God." Philippians 4:18

This is an exciting adventure. I am glad you are on it with us.


David FOX